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I have always felt that there have never been many places to buy Calisthenics decorating supplies in Adelaide, Australia. So, starting a few years ago, I decided to source my own. I have always been fussy with the quality I use, and I’m pleased to announce I have found some of the most beautiful products – extremely high quality and at a great price. I am excited to be able share with everyone!

I have been a part of the Calisthenics world for 18 years and it’s a passion of mine, as I know it is for many others. It’s thanks to the supporting and kind community that I’m lucky enough to be a part of that I can create a store like this. It’s hard to source products like these without a lot of trial and error and I want to make it easier and more affordable for our community as we only deserve the best! We want to support our girls and make them shine!

Krystal O’Nions, Founder